I am writing this entry on my birthday. I had a beautiful day starting with yoga teacher training this morning. Then I took the afternoon off to be with my mum and dogs. Well, my new dog has to get used to staying alone now, so I try to arrange my daily plans according to our new, 4-legged family member. 
I don´t know, if you also feel a bit melancholy on your birthdays too? Or is it just me?
My birthday always seems to be a day with mixed feelings: lots of thinking about how the last year (and your life) has been, what´s important to me, where I want to go next, missing my good friends living around Europe more than usual. And on the other hand it feels like a very special day, because I feel much more of ME than on some other days; I feel more within me on my birthday. I feel I AM.
Because there´s some trouble in my private life right now and a new dog brings a new family member into the clan, I felt the urge to care for myself more than usual.
This late afternoon, after a wonderful lunch with my mum and walking my dogs, I had a lovely yoga session, just me, a candle in the darkness and my dogs sleeping close to me. I also felt the urge to put on a special scent for my practice today.
My husband and collegues openend a new online shop for incense lately, so I went into his storage this afternoon and checked out the new incence sticks. The "Seven Chakras" scents jumped right on me. Following my nose, I intuitively picked the incence sticks for the "root chakra", also called Muladhara Chakra. 
It was the perfect choice for today, because the root chakra, as you may well know, builds the root of the chakra energy system. The colour designated to it is red and it´s element is earth. It stands for sexuality and obsession as well as for stability and security. My choice was perfect, because I needed some  help today with finding my latter today.
Self-care is self-love. Today is my birthday and I guess I had to become 41 to realise deeply how true and important it is.

ps. I think it´s ok to mention, that the "Seven Chakras" incense sticks can be found on